ABQ BioPark & Aquarium

Every year a local radio station pairs up with attractions around Albuquerque and everyone who gets there before 10 am on a certain day gets in free. Since I am incredibly cheap, I try to only go to things on free days. Plus I don't think any of the attractions are worth paying for after living in DC and getting into some of the best museums in the world for free. 

One of my favorite places in Albuquerque is the bio park. It's so green, such a stark contrast with the rest of the city :) We were supposed to meet up with some friends, but that didn't work out so it was just me and the boys, which was fun too. We walked all around the bio park and saw the farm with the animals and the different plants and fish.

When we finished with the bio park we needed a break so we found a spot on the grass and had a little snack picnic. Quentin and Wyatt were impressed with the real grass. Quentin ran all over and then laid down in the grass.

The aquarium is pretty small so it doesn't take too long to get through, however there were a lot of people there so it took some time to get to the front to see the fish. The big attraction is the sharks, but my favorite are the jelly fish. So pretty! Wyatt just about jumped into the tank when I was holding him so he could see the rays. I wished I could get a picture of him so excited, but I could barely hold onto him.



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