White Sands National Monument

We stayed the night in a hotel and Monday morning we drove to Alamogordo where we picked up a sandwich at Brown Bag Deli.  We had a little picnic once we got out to White Sands.  Well, Quentin ate some of his chicken nuggets before we got there and most of them on the way home afterwards, but Albert and I shared our foot-long while the boys played.  It was a good sandwich and I'd do that again.

We borrowed a sled from a friend, but sledding on sand is much different than sledding on snow.  Much s-l-o-w-e-r.    It was perfect for Quentin though.  Wyatt loved playing in the sand.  Albert set up the van so they could play in the shade and we could eat our sandwich in the back.

Wyatt had fun scooting down the hill and walking back up.

The scenery is pretty cool.  It's like being at the beach with no ocean.  The sand is so soft.

Albert went pretty far to find a steep enough slope so that he could slide down, but it wasn't steep enough and the sand was too soft.  It was still fun :)  Quentin was so sad when we were leaving.  He kept saying he wanted to go back to the hotel.  This will definitely be an annual trip as long as we live in New Mexico.  We may even go back more than once a year.


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