Mother's Day

Sunday was Mother's day so Albert made me a nice breakfast before church and he gave me an orchid (hopefully I don't kill it), a big bag of chocolate covered pomegranate, and "Remembering Wholeness" by Carol Tuttle.  At church they gave all the women a Snickers bar and in nursery they made a paper with their hand prints and a cute little heart necklace made from clay that they baked with their finger print on it.  After church Albert was wondering if Mother's day was an all day event or if we could just call it good :)    He did help out around the house a lot on Monday as well as an extended Mother's day gift.  He also bought me a really nice new mat for PiYo that came on Tuesday afternoon.  I'm excited to use it!

Later in the week I ordered some Ideal Shake mix.  I did a lot of research, but really I just got more confused the more I researched.  It's so hard to tell if any of the reviews are legit or just advertising.  I decided I wanted a shake that would give me extra supplements since I'm not very good at eating lots of vegetables and I wanted to eat healthier.  Plus I'm not really into cooking or eating lately so I don't want to spend time making and eating food. So I decided that Shakeology would probably be best for nutritional value but it's crazy expensive so I bought Ideal Shake since it's still really healthy and costs like a third of the price.  Plus I found a promocode on this site so I got two containers for $84.98 including shipping for 60 shakes and a shaker.

Quentin didn't nap hardly at all last week, but actually did pretty well this week.  I've been bribing him with a quarter every day he naps.  It's really hit and miss these days.  He used his $.75 to ride in the car at the mall last week.  He was nice enough to let his brother ride shotgun and they had a good time.  It's also been a good way to teach him about money.  He's made another $1.25 this week that's burning a hole in his pocket.

Wyatt is getting better and better at scooting, but really likes it when we walk him around.  We gave him his haircut and he did really great.  There was much less crying than when we cut Quentin's hair :)  It's funny because his hair does not lay down regardless of how long it gets.  It does look a lot better trimmed up.


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