Grandma & Grandpa Visit

Quentin loves an app on Albert's iPad called My Incredible Body.  It's not for children per se, but it goes through the various parts of the body with great graphics.  Today he was learning about kidneys while he was on the potty and he told me how it cleans the body.  He talks about this app and what he learns often and he always says "it presents the body."  He also likes to play with his doctor kit so maybe one day he'll be a doctor :)

On Thursday evening my parents came into town for a visit.  It was fun getting caught up and my mom bought me a big bag of clothes that are type four she can no longer use now she wears type three clothes.  Friday we went shopping while Albert went to work.  It was nice to have my dad there to watch the boys while my mom and I looked.

I've been looking for new healthy recipes that are easy and tasty.  It's surprising difficult to find these sorts of recipes, but I found some in my old book "French Women Don't get Fat" and I made the lemon chicken for my parents.  It's supposed to be grilled rosemary chicken, but it was neither grilled or included rosemary.  I substituted Italian seasoning and baked it and it was well liked.  I paired it with green beans and rice since my mom has a very limited diet and it's hard to find things that she can eat. I'm finally getting into cooking again.


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