Fireman Quentin

We finally cut Quentin's hair!  He is always saying funny things.  One morning Quentin insisted that we call him "Fireman Quentin" while he was eating "fireman pancakes." We were "fireman mom" and "fireman dad". Another day when Quentin was not happy about having to stop playing and eat dinner he said, "I'm not hungry! My belly's just relaxing!"

Wyatt is perfecting the bum scoot and still isn't interested in crawling.  He likes to sit on Quentin's bikes and likes to eat anything that isn't on his plate.  He will have the same thing as Quentin but he'll want Quentin's food instead.  He likes to try Mom and Dad's food, but won't want to touch anything like PB&J or mac & cheese.

On Saturday I went to an open house for a fitness center.  Albert was nice enough to come home from work early so I could go.  I got a week of free classes starting on Monday so I decided to take advantage of it.  My regular church zumba classes were all cancelled so it worked out really well.  I went to zumba at the fitness center Monday night, Wednesday morning, and Saturday morning and I went to PiYo on Tuesday morning and Yoga on Thursday night.  It was fun to try out the different classes, but a bit of a challenge for me to workout almost everyday.  I decided that I really like PiYo and will be using my groupon to go to their Tuesday morning class for the next 10 weeks.  I'm looking forward to using muscles that never get used with zumba.   


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