Celebrating our Anniversary

Saturday was our 6th wedding anniversary! We don't usually do much for anniversaries and true to form we didn't have anything planned until that evening.  I asked a girl from church if she could babysit last minute and luckily she was available.  Albert canvassed some people at work to find recommendations for dinner earlier in the day and one person mentioned Indigo Crow, which is pretty fancy.  We had the filet mignon with a blue cheese sauce and it was divine.  We also splurged and got the fondue appetizer.  So good!  We practically licked our plates clean.

I received my Ideal Shake mix on Monday and one of the containers wasn't properly sealed.  It wasn't terrible, but I figured I'd call them.  They said I could keep the opened one and they would send me a new one!  They're pretty pricey so I was happy to get a free one.  I started drinking the chocolate one with just milk in the blender cup they gave me and I really like it.  It only holds me over for a few hours without any additional ingredients blended in, but we usually have an early lunch.  Sometimes I have a yogurt or fruit with it which helps.  I think you're supposed to have a snack anyway.

We bought an antenna for the tv since we're getting rid of our DirectTV in July and we get like 41 channels, but we will only watch half of then since half are either in Spanish or are religious stations.  We get all the basic channels plus Create which is a great one.  We've been checking out the shows on Amazon Prime more and I found She-Ra on there, which was a favorite of mine.  It's not nearly as good as I remember it to be, but the boys seemed to like it ok.

They had $.50 corn dogs at Sonic and so I bought one and cut it up for Wyatt, but he wouldn't eat it unless I pretended I bit off a piece from my corn dog.  He always wants to eat food off of anyone's plate but his own.

Quentin has been really into sword fighting particularly with his dad.  The other day he said to Albert, "Sword fighting is my life. Can you believe it Dad?"  I'm constantly asking myself where he gets this stuff.


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