Carlsbad Caverns

On April 27 we drove down to Carlsbad Caverns.  We stopped in Roswell for lunch and got rested up at our hotel in Artesia.  We knew the caverns closed at 5:00, but we didn't realize that the last elevator down was at 3:30 and it took longer than expected to get there so we were really rushing.  Albert ran to get the tickets while I got the boys out of the car in the crazy wind and then we ran to get there in time.  We thought we were safe going down the elevator when they told us we had to be at a certain point on the trail or we wouldn't be able to see the whole thing and we'd have to take the shorter trail.  So we were booking it half the time.

Quentin and Wyatt both did great despite our rushing and lots of walking.  We couldn't bring a stroller so I wore Wyatt in the Ergo carrier and Quentin had to walk the whole time.  Albert took lots and lots and lots of great photos.

Crystal Springs Dome
Speleothem Panorama

Dolls Theatre


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