Carlsbad and White Sands Vacation

Sunday morning we got up a little early and drove to Roswell, NM where we ate lunch at Chili's.  We opted to forego the many alien museums and keep going to Artisia where our hotel was located.  That afternoon we went to Carlsbad Caverns, which was amazing.  Monday morning we headed over to White Sands National Monument and the boys had a great time playing in the sand.  It was so nice to have a mini vacation and to see parts of New Mexico we hadn't seen before.  There are places that are green and have trees.  We even saw a lake! It is so brown and dry here it's so nice to see places that have some precipitation. Even SW Wyoming is green compared to here.

Quentin's not so subtle way of saying he needs more milk: "my milk says it can't fill up by itself."  While I was trying unsuccessfully to print out some coupons I needed for a Target run Quentin came up to me and said, "sometimes you get frustrated mom. You need to be nice to yourself."  How did he get so wise?


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