Wyatt's One Year Photo Shoot

We had Wyatt's one year photo shoot.  He's such a cutie pie and probably the easiest baby in the history of babies, which goes back PRETTY far.  I can put him in his crib fully awake and he will go to sleep BY HIMSELF. He plays himself and since he doesn't feel that crawling is important he doesn't get into anything.  He smiles at everyone and loves to get his teeth brushed.

When he wants something he makes the most horrendous noise and I'm hoping he stops doing that soon. He also gets really jealous of Quentin and sometimes he'll hit or push him.  Sibling rivalry starts a lot earlier than I would have imagined :)  He's a pretty adventurous eater (compared to Quentin), but when he's done or he doesn't want something he slowly drops on the floor for dramatic effect.


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