Easter Fun

We had fun at the Easter Egg Hunt our church put on for the kids on Saturday.  Unfortunately it was crazy windy and cold so they had to end it a little early.  Albert had to work so I left Wyatt in the stroller with some ladies from church while I ran around with Quentin who picked up tons of eggs, thus no pictures.

Easter was pretty low key.  We had presents from the Easter Bunny and a little Easter egg hunt in the morning before church.  We colored Easter eggs in the afternoon and then ate shepherd's pie for dinner and pie for dessert.

Quentin has been full of gems this week.  First he said "Brother is my best friend," which is pretty much what every mother wants to hear.  I hope they can be friends even though they already fight a lot.  Quentin mauls him and takes his toys, but they like hanging out together.  He came up to me in the kitchen and said, "my mouth wants some delicious milk."  We were up stairs in the loft with all his toys and he said "the other part of my toy is in the couch. It's a spooky mystery!"

Wyatt is sticking to his guns and gets around by butt scoot only.  He likes to stand up with help and is very good at all the small motor skills.

Albert made a spice rack this week with a hatchet and a drill.  It turned out great and it's so nice to have our spices organized finally. I wasn't sure he'd be able to do it, but he sure proved me wrong!

We decided to up grade my phone and Albert's iPad this week before we went on our mini vacation.  I would advise tacking on four hours to whatever you think it will take to get a new phone plan and try not to bring little kids.  Luckily the T-Mobile store is at the mall so at least we could walk around while we waited.  I now have a pre-paid iPhone that will replace my phone and iPod Touch and Albert got a new iPad for the same price as a wifi iPad and he gets unlimited data.


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