DYT Outfits // Jan-Mar

I've been taking pictures of all the outfits I've been creating under the Dressing Your Truth // Type 4 guidelines and posting them on Instagram // dressingboldy.  I really like dressing up everyday and feel like I look my best in these nice bold colors.  It's funny that when I know I look good I can think less about how I look.

Just to give you an idea of how I look dressed non-DYT here is a picture of me from March 2012. I just had my hair cut with lots of layers and I wasn't wearing colors that look good on me.  I look ok, but I think I look a lot better now.  Even more than looking better, my outer appearance more clearly reflects who I am on the inside.

I would love to find blog with tons of pictures of DYT outfits, but I haven't found one so I figured I'd post mine.  Plus I can go back and re-create my favorite ones.

These are the ones from January:


February outfits:

March outfits:


Liz Szilagyi said…
I've always thought you look fabulous in red, and I love all your colored pants. Where do you find them? I might have to look into DYT -- I've never heard of it.

I've found I feel better with less clothes ... lots lots less. In DC I had huge closets full. Here I have one six dresser drawer full, and I feel like I have more to wear than ever before.
Tiff said…
I generally do all my shopping at JCP and Old Navy and I bought all my colored jeans there on sale or on clearance. DYT is pretty cool. It's based on Carol Tuttle's energy profiling system, which is sort of like a personality system, but it also includes thinking patterns, physical appearance, the way you move, and one other thing I can't remember. So I'm a type 4, still and reflective and my clothes reflect the black & white way I think and my bold convictions. I also need a lot less clothes because they all coordinate with each other and I have fun mixing and matching outfits and jewelry everyday. I don't have to worry about changing out my purse because it doesn't go with a certain outfit or not being able to wear a pair of pants because they only go with a certain shirt that's dirty. I love having a style, it makes shopping so much easier because I know what to look for and what will look good on me.

She has also applied these energy types to children and child rearing so you can parent according to your child's type, which is really great. I love her ideas and the way she works with people instead of making them conform. She has a few books. The one on parenting is called "The Child Whisperer" and you can take the on-line course to figure out your type for free on her DYT site. The "Child Whisperer" blog has lots of great information on it too with videos on how to figure out your child's type.
Liz Szilagyi said…
I have recently fallen back in love with JCPenny. It was the only store my parents ever took us to as kids, and I don't remember ever seeing one out East, but there is one in town here and I love their prices and selections. I actually started watching the first DYT video. I'm not really into "feelings" and "elements" ... but I think I'll stick it out because I do want to know what my clothing type is. She seems like she knows what she's talking about, so I can respect that even if a few (and really, it was only two or three) lines make me roll my eyes :). Thanks for sharing this!

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