Closed Hands

Quentin will say that he can't get something because his hands are closed and he makes them into fists.  He also has said he couldn't get his pants because he was holding onto the cupboard door and his other hand was closed.  Albert suggested he let go of the door and open his hand, which he did and then said he could go.

While we were looking at the menu at Olive Garden he announced that he would like "fagioli," which means beans in Italian. It's not a super common word that would be on commercials and most shows have Spanish not Italian.  I'm thinking it was on "Curious George."

Unfortunately sometime on Saturday morning Kitty was misplaced and we haven't found it yet.  I even asked Target and Ross if they had seen it as they were the only places we went and I couldn't remember if he brought it with him.  Kitty is Quentin's favorite toy and he always sleeps with it and whenever they've been apart he rolls around on the floor hugging it.  Fortunately he doesn't seem to be too upset by not having it.  I think I feel worse than he does.

Wyatt continues to scoot on his bum to get where he needs to go, but he seems increasingly frustrated with his inability to move very quickly.  He likes to stand-up with help or by holding onto the ottoman, but still doesn't like being on his knees.

When Albert is home in the mornings he likes to get a bowl of cereal and share it with Quentin while watching tv.  Since Wyatt started eating solids he has joined in on this tradition.  Albert told me that Wyatt will only eat a bite of cereal if all the Rice Krispies are at the tip of the spoon.  If there is even one stray anywhere else on the spoon he will refuse to take the bite.  Very particular that one. 


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