While we were driving through a neighborhood on our way to the library Quentin asked what a sign said.  I replied "Monte Vista" in my best Spanish accent and he said "I don't want to be stuck!"  I guess he thought Vista sounded like "be stuck."

The next day when we were pulling up to the church to go to zumba he said "The other ladies at zumba will say I'm beautiful because I'm awesome!"  I received Quentin and Wyatt's photo books for the last year and as I was going through Wyatt's I said "Wyatt's book turned out pretty good" and Quentin responded "my book turned out pretty awesome!"

Wyatt copies the sounds we make and I swear he said "bless you" after I said it when he sneezed.  He did it three times.  He also said something that sounded like "I did it!" after I said "you did it!" when he turned off the light.  He also loves brushing his teeth.  He gets really excited whenever we brush Quentin's teeth and tries to grab the toothbrush while it's in Quentin's mouth so we always have to brush his teeth too.

I am loving all my couponing.  I have been able to take the money I've saved on my coupon apps and buy clothes and jewelry and anything else I've been thinking about getting.  I've cashed in my Viggle points for two $25 gift cards for Amazon, three $10 gift cards for JCPenney's, one $10 gift card to Old Navy, and one $10 gift card for Sephora.  I've made $100 and Albert has earned even more points.  We've earned $24 from ibotta, $11.50 from Checkout 51, and $3.50 from Shopmium.  Since I've been cashing in all these points I am even more motivated to keep at it.  I also LOVE shopping at Target and have gotten great deals at CVS.  I even had a dream that I was teaching the sisters how to coupon at Target for a week night Relief Society meeting.  It's all consuming and to be honest I get a little obsessed with things.


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