Wyatt's First Birthday

I noticed Wyatt had a fever Saturday evening.  We gave him a bath and tylenol and his fever would come and go.  We stayed home from church for the first two hours and then Quentin and I went to the third hour so I could teach my lesson and he could go to his nursery class, while Albert stayed home with Wyatt.  His fever went away Sunday evening and then he got a rash on Wednesday from what I thought was the new laundry detergent I used, but apparently it's common for babies to get a rash a day or two after a fever so that may have been why.

Albert got laser surgery on his left eye on Tuesday morning and his right eye on Friday afternoon.  We had to go on the other side of town so, while we were waiting (he couldn't drive home so we had to hang out for an hour and half or so) we went to Trader Joe's.  Quentin didn't want to go, but he was sure glad he did.  He loved driving the little cart around.  At first he kept bumping into me and I had to tell him to be careful not to run into anyone.  He got better at driving his cart, but then starting telling me to be careful in maneuvering my cart around anytime there was anyone around.  They had naan with a spinach spread as a sample and Quentin, who is generally not very adventurous in his eating, kept saying that it was making his stomach happy.  

He also really liked the bread and orange samples at Whole Foods where we picked up a birthday cake for Wyatt.  I generally make birthday cakes myself, but Albert kept saying he wanted to buy one from Whole Foods.  They always get the cakes from there when they have birthdays at his work and he really likes them so I figured since we were by Whole Foods and we wanted to celebrate Wyatt's birthday later that day since Albert had to work the next day I would pick one up.  It was a chocolate cake with strawberries on it.

We gave Wyatt his birthday cake on Tuesday after we ate noodles at Pho Bar so Wyatt will have a long life. He opened his presents on his actual birthday. He loved his cake and had fun helping Quentin unwrap his presents.  I can't believe my little baby is already one!

I've been getting some great deals at Target. We are stocked up on shampoo and laundry detergent So many coupons, so little time.  I got my hair cut on Tuesday.  I cut off a few inches of damaged hair so now it looks nice and healthy and my stylist said that I can dye it again without melting it off.  I haven't decided when I'm going to do that.


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