Wyatt's Birthday Cake + Presents

The day before Wyatt's birthday we went out to eat at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Bar so he could eat noodles for a long a life.  When we got home we go out the cake we bought from Whole Foods and everyone (Quentin) was really excited.  Wyatt really liked his birthday cake and dug right in.  He took half of the slice I gave him and shoved it in his mouth all at once.  We had Albert's parents on Skype while we sang to him and Quentin blew out the candle.  They both finished their slices very quickly.

On Wyatt's actual birthday he opened his presents.  Quentin was excited to help him.  Luckily Wyatt didn't mind too much :)  I let Quentin pick out a dollar toy from Target for his one year anniversary of being a big brother so he would stop playing with Wyatt's new toys.

This little guy brings us so much joy.  He is full of smiles and I love to give him as many hugs as he will let me.  I love getting to know him and see him learn new things.


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