St. Patrick's Day

On Saturday we stayed at home for most of the day because my mom got a killer migraine and was super sick all day.  Albert came home a little early to hang out so we went out to eat at a great Vietnamese place called Pho Bar, while my dad watched the boys.

Sunday my parents left after Sacrament meeting.  On Monday Albert had an eye appointment with a specialist and they set up his laser surgery to get his eyes fixed next week.  I had my eye check-up on Wednesday and found out that my current glasses don't help because my eyes are actually better than my old prescription.  I haven't been wearing my glasses consistently since I stopped working on a computer all day and I figured my eyes had gotten worse and that's why when I do wear them they hurt my eyes.  I actually only need a prescription for my astigmatism, otherwise I see 20/20.  Weird!  

Wyatt started saying "hi" this week while we were talking to Albert's dad on the phone.  He kept saying "hi! hi!" to him, so cute.  I can tell him to say hi and most of the time he will say it on demand.  He also likes to close the door and turn off the light when it's time to go to sleep, which he's been doing for a week or so.  He loves to point at everything he wants.  He looks like a politician pointing at people and smiling.  It's nice that he has found a way to communicate his desires.

Quentin is still the smart, cute boy he's always been.  He loves to do high five, low, five, on the side, and in the hole.  He needs lots of hugs and one-on-one time.  It really helps when he's being grouchy.  I can sometimes get him to be happy if I ask him to help me with something.  He's three and has lots of emotions he doesn't know what to do with so they spill-over pretty frequently. I love the Child Whisperer philosophy in trying to figure out cause of the whining/crying/tantrum/negative behavior, which is really just a symptom, instead of making him change his reaction.  I'm not great at doing this especially when I'm tired/cranky myself, but I like the idea :)  Carol Tuttle says that it is always the parent's fault, never the child so I try to keep that in mind.


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