Our Three-Year-Old

We had a little photo shoot for our big boy.  Looking back at pictures from his second birthday, he has grown-up so much.  He's definitely not a toddler anymore and is moving into that preschool phase.  He is so smart and has a great memory.  He asks lots of questions, some of them the same ones over and over again. He is really excited to start school and talks about it all the time even though we aren't planning on signing him up until the fall.

Quentin is a great singer and he likes to sing "I'm a Child of God," "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," and the alphabet song.  He sings to himself a lot in his room when he first wakes up in the morning and sometimes he sings to his brother.  He also likes us to sing to him every time he has a nap or goes to bed. 

Quentin loves to give and get hugs. He will request them if he's mad or sad.  He tells me that I'm beautiful almost daily.  When Albert was sick he told him that he should go to bed, take some medicine, and make sure he brushes his teeth.


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