Wyatt got his first real haircut on Saturday.  He did great and looks a little older.  He looks like he's ten months old now :)  I've had people come up to me recently and say how big he's getting and surprised he's sitting up already, but he's going to be one this month!  The fact that he doesn't crawl probably makes him seem younger, I know it does to me.  I want to keep him little as long as I can!

On Tuesday we went to I-Hop for free pancakes.  One thing about living in a small city is that you can walk in and sit down at a restaurant when they are giving away free food.  We would never even try to get free pancakes in Virginia because the line would be wrapped around the block.  Quentin and Wyatt love going to I-Hop and always eat a ton.  It was nice because they both got their own free meals.

Quentin is doing pretty well.  It's been a little rough, but it seems like things are getting better.  He likes to boss people around, especially his dad.  He will command us to stay on the bottom stair while he goes up to the landing and say "ta-da" before we can go up the stairs.  Sometimes he wants us to say certain things and he throws a fit if we can't/won't comply.  I've been trying to explain that he is only the boss of himself and he can't make anyone do what he wants.  It's something he will undoubtedly have to learn many times over in his life.


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