Grandma & Grandpa come to visit

On Thursday night my parents came into town for the weekend.  Right before they pulled up Albert was changing the light bulb in the kitchen and the bulb broke and a small piece of glass got into Albert's eye. He went to an optometrist to get it checked out on Friday afternoon and found out that there was no glass in his eye, but that he had retina holes in both eyes which was totally unrelated.  It ended up being a blessing that he got the glass in his eye because he wasn't planning on getting a check-up.  It wasn't serious, but it could be an issue in the future.  He will need to get laser surgery to get it fixed.

While Albert was calling all the optometrists in the area on Monday morning, my mom and I went to zumba.  My dad babysat the boys in the church foyer.  We have to have a priesthood holder at the church while we do zumba and it's hard to find men not working so it worked out that my dad was in town.  In the afternoon we went to Red Lobster for lunch and to the mall while Albert went to his appointment.

It was amazing how Wyatt immediately went to my parents.  He was so excited to have them hold him, especially my mom.  He was giddy to go to Grandma Wendy.  Of course Quentin remembered them and was excited to see them as soon as he woke-up on Friday morning.

Wednesday Wyatt started pulling himself up on the ottoman and standing up while holding on.  He hasn't started trying to get up on his knees or showing any signs of wanting to crawl.


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