Three Years Old

On Saturday I made breakfast for the new Beehives (the girls who just turned 12).  I made these blackberry-apple muffins the night before and they were pretty tasty and healthy.  I also served sausages, scrabbled eggs, and fruit.  

At 10:30 I dropped off Quentin at a little camp two of the girls who were at breakfast put on for kids 3-6 years old on Saturdays while Wyatt and I went to Target. That evening Albert and I babysat for a friend while she and her husband went on a date.  I don't know if we could handle having five kids :)

Friday was Quentin's birthday so I made his special strawberry cake he'd been asking for.  That's pretty much all he wanted.  I made him a special breakfast and he opened presents, then we had cake and ice cream after lunch.  We went to Chili's for dinner.  He seemed pretty satisfied with his day even though we didn't have a big party or anything.  I like to keep expectations pretty low.

It's pretty crazy that we've been parents for three years now.  Quentin is a pretty awesome kid.  He is always surprising us with the funny things he says.  He's so observant and curious.  He says his best friend is Curious George.  He needs lots of hugs and is close to his emotions.  His favorite thing to do is playing outside with his dad.  He loves to play with trains and trucks. 

Wyatt has four teeth with two more in the wings. He's been playing peek-a-boo all the time and is super cute.


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