Three Year Check-up

library story time

Wyatt is getting more and more mobile, but still isn't crawling or even getting up on his knees.  Albert starting building little towers for him to knock over with Quentin's new blocks so he has to sort of scoot-roll over to them.  I thought for sure he'd start crawling this month, but no such luck.  It's actually pretty nice having him still fairly immobile.

Quentin had is three year check-up on Tuesday.  He was so excited to see the doctor.  I think it's due to all the many hours spent watching Doc McStuffins.  He is now in the 50 percentile in height and 25th percentile in weight (30.6 lbs).  She said he is doing great and his greatest strength is his speaking ability.

Albert told her about when Quentin was throwing a fit and wouldn't come downstairs. Albert went upstairs to talk to him and he said "here's the thing, we can't both come upstairs so you can come downstairs when you are ready" and Quentin responded, "that's not a thing, that's a problem!"  He's pretty sassy sometimes.

Quentin has been very stubborn lately.  He will want me to come upstairs to carry him downstairs and he will scream and cry until I come to a certain spot to get him.  Whenever Albert is home he wants him to unbuckle him and take him out and if I do it he will scream and want to get back into the van.  I don't know what to do about these tantrums.  I don't want to be at his beckon call, but I also can't stand listening to him cry and scream over something that is easy to accommodate.  We can't just ignore him and let him scream because he doesn't stop.  He can cry for hours.

We actually had one whole day where he didn't cry at all.  It was wonderful.  He woke-up in a good mood and I was also careful not to get upset when he did things that would normally annoy me.  I tried to remain calm.  I've been trying to use the Child Whisperer techniques, but I still need to work at it.

Quentin and Wyatt are both quite the singers.  Quentin loves music and has to know the name of every song that comes on the radio.  He also remembers the words and sings along.  He claims certain songs as "his" songs.  He really likes Maroon 5.  Wyatt will hum along with me sometimes while I sing songs for Quentin, he demands I sing a song for him anytime he goes to sleep or is upset, sometimes at 4:00 AM.  Wyatt will also hum along at church while we sing hymns.

Albert has been really into watches lately.  He is on-line looking at and learning all about high-end watches.  He hasn't purchased one yet, but he likes to get my opinion on all of them.  I'm still into couponing and Dressing Your Truth.  I keep finding great deals at JCPenney's, so much clearance, so many coupons.  It's hard to stop.


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