It's in Spanish

This week Wyatt started waving.  So far he only does it randomly.  Every time I want him to do it he refuses.  He also has a new tooth that's poked through on the top so that makes three.  I can see three more on the top wanting to come through.  Like his brother, he hasn't been very fussy while teething.  Sometimes it seems like maybe he's crying because of his teeth, but I'm not really sure.  Wyatt has starting eating a lot.  He loves any kind of food and will beg for whatever he wants.

Quentin learned how to do somersaults and will do them occasionally.  We didn't teach him how to do them or anything he just started doing them.  The other day we had a conversation that went like this: "Quentin: can you go get my stuff? Me: sure, where is it? Quentin: it's in Spanish."  He talks about words being in Spanish too.  He will say some gibberish mixed in with real words some of them actually in Spanish and then announce that whatever he said was in Spanish.

It snowed a lot on Monday night so it was a bit of winter wonderland on Tuesday morning.  Quentin wanted to go outside, but I convinced him to play with the snow inside as I had seen other moms do on Instagram.  It entertained him for far longer than I thought possible.  I kind of wish it would snow more often so he would have something to keep him busy, but I guess it would lose it's novelty after awhile.  He went outside on Wednesday and was crying wanting to come back in five minutes later because his hands were cold from touching the snow.

Albert had to work a little later than usual on Wednesday and the roads were icy so everyone was driving literally 7 mph all the way home so the normal 15 minute drive ended up taking an hour and then it took him another 25 minutes to get the car in the garage.  By then it was bedtime and everyone was crying, but Quentin wanted to wait for his dad to come inside.  Luckily crappy parenting moments like that don't happen all that often.


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