Florida Trip // January 11-13

We went to Florida to visit family on January 11.  It was our first time flying with two kids and it went pretty well.  It's never fun being cooped up for four hours on the plane, but it wasn't too bad, no major break-downs or anything.

Wyatt's first flight

When we got to Orlando we went straight to baby Caleb's first birthday party and hung out with family.  We didn't get any pictures because we were too busy eating all the food and catching up.

The next day we hung out with family.  We were going to go to church but I took some benedryl because I got a crazy rash and I slept through the morning.

They got out the bouncy house and balls for the kids and I had lots of opportunities to play Heads Up and other games with Albert's sisters and cousins.

On Monday Albert and I had a little lunch date at one of his favorite sandwich places from when he was a teenager.  Unfortunately it wasn't as good as when he lived there, but it was fun taking advantage of family babysitters.  In the afternoon we went to the beach in Daytona.  Quentin had lots of fun throwing seashells and trying to outrun the tide.  It was nice to see the ocean again.

That evening we took family pictures and Albert's mom gave the kids money.  Wyatt enjoyed rolling in the money.

Pictures of the girls and boys separately, Albert with his dad and brother, and his parents.

Here is Albert's family: his sisters, brother and parents with spouses and children.  Notice our kids are the only ones making weird faces :)


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