Florida Trip // Disney World Magic Kingdom

We went to Disney World on January 15.  Our sister-in-law was able to get us some discounted tickets and I figured we should go before Quentin turned three so he'd be free.  I had been to Disney Land a couple time, but not since I was eight and never to Disney World so it was new and exciting.  

We were really lucky my cousin Jake's wife Bethany and their son Corbett were able to come and hang out with us because we did zero research on good rides or how to work the fastpass.  When we first arrived we stood in a very long line to meet Minnie Mouse, but she went on break before we met her so we ended up with one of the Aristocats.  

The crane they had to take down the Christmas lights was an eyesore for our nice castle pictures. We went to the Monster's Inc. attraction while we were waiting to meet up with Bethany and Corbett.  It was cute.  Unfortunately Wyatt decided he was hungry and had a melt down during the last five minutes.

I brought the ergo carrier, but figured Wyatt would sit in the double stroller the majority of the time.  I'm so glad I brought the carrier because I kept him in it the entire time.  It was so nice because when you go on rides you have to hold them while you're in line and on the ride and he easily napped in it and my back didn't bother me at all.

I thought Wyatt and I would probably have to sit out on most of the rides, but we went on all them together. We got our fastpass, which we thought we had to pay for, and used it for the Little Mermaid ride.  We got right on, but I guess it's usually a popular one.  It was pretty much the entire cartoon.  

Next we hit up the Dumbo ride, which was a favorite of Quentin's.

Wyatt loved the carousel.  Actually all the kids did so we ended up riding it again after we hit up the Small World and the Winnie the Pooh ride.

I was most looking forward to Small World because I remember it from when I was a kid.  It's a little magical and I love pointing out all the different cultures.  Not sure if anyone else enjoyed me pointing them out though.  The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride was ok.

Riding the carousel with Wyatt was the most fun I'd ever had on a carousel.  His excitement was contagious.


Bethany and Corbett had to get going by this point, but Danielle, Stephen, and Mary who we know from our days in Virginia were able to stop by. Albert took their engagement pictures in Old Town Alexandria, if you remember. We happened upon the end of a little show. It was a good time to see it because all the characters

Quentin LOVES the Disney Channel and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I was excited to see him meet the big guy.  I think it was because it was getting kind of late by that point or maybe he was just in shock, but he was pretty quiet and we had to keep telling him to move a little closer.

Here are our friends. It was great to see them and they were great guides. Stephen is from Florida and used to work at Disney World and he ran into people he used to work with and gave us insights into the park like how they spray the smell of baked goods in front of the bakery even though they don't actually bake anything there.  We also found out that we were there on a perfect day.  There are usually 50,000 people there on any given day, but on that particular day there were only 15,000. 

By this time the few people that were there had left and there was very little wait on the Jungle Cruise.  It was pretty fun.  There was no wait on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which is the one I wanted to go on.  We had heard it was a little scary, but Quentin was just fine.  

We visited the baby lounge and got Wyatt settled before we drove back to DeLand.  We didn't stay to watch the fireworks, but we did watch part of the same program as we saw before, but it was starting to get cold and we were all tired.  Overall we had a lot of fun.  I didn't really have any expectations going into it and I'm glad we had people to show us around. It was fun seeing family and friends.


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