I want to eat you up!

Albert's been doing a lot of organizing in the loft and the garage.  It will be great when he gets it all done because we'll have so much more storage, which is always an issue even though we live in a four bedroom house.  Of course we have more people living with us than we did when we lived in a one bedroom apartment in Virginia.

Albert has to work on Saturday now so we met up with our friends at the mall.  Quentin played at the play area and we ate lunch before they had to go.  I then found a lot of great clearance deals at Old Navy and JCPenney's.  I've bought a lot of colored pants, which are lots of fun.  

I often say "I want to eat you up!" to Wyatt and Quentin.  Quentin has started to say this, but the way he goes about it is funny.  One day he said "I love puppies! I want to eat them up!" and then other day he said "I love kittens! They eat me!"  He told me he wanted to eat me and then bit my face. I had to explain that it means kisses, not actual eating.

Wyatt has been eating more and more food.  He loves eating Cheerios and wants to try anything we're eating. He's getting more mobile and I think he might be crawling by his first birthday :)  He turned ten months old on Sunday and I still can't believe he's getting so old!


kimi + joe said…
That's so hilarious and Joe's nightmare come true! I always say to Elizabeth I want to eat her up and he's concerned she'll start saying that to her friends and be SO confused. I guess he might have a point :)

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