Week before Florida

This week we have been busy getting ready for our big trip to Florida.  We also had company over for dinner.  We had the sister missionaries over for dinner on Saturday and Albert's sister's husband was in town for work and he came over for dinner on Sunday night.  He brought with him a big box of Christmas presents so it was sort of like Santa came all over again.  We were majorly spoiled this year.  My sister-in-law is really great at couponing so she made goody baskets of things she got either for free or close to it.  We don't have the same stores here so it's hard to get the same sort of deals.

Quentin has really been into superheros and more specifically superpowers.  He likes to find things we don't want him to play with and claim that it's his superpower.  His favorite item is a belt.  Maybe it's all those times my dad threatened me with a belt as a child, but I really don't like him swinging a belt around and I'm afraid he's going to hit the baby with the buckle. It's always a huge fight trying to take it away from him so I try and keep the belts put away.

Wyatt has two teeth now.  Luckily he's only bit me once while nursing.  He loves food and is always wanting whatever we're eating.  I bought some snacks for our trip and thought I'd try out the baby cereal puffs.  He was flying through them so I gave him Cheerios and he loves them.  

He finally had his nine month check-up on Thursday, his last appointment was scheduled for December 23 and I totally forgot all about it.  He's still in the 20-25 percentile.  He weighs 17 lbs 3 oz and is 27 in long.  He rolls around a lot more, but doesn't crawl.  He likes to sit and observe a lot.  He also loves to smile and babble.  He doesn't like being in his carseat anymore and so I always have to take him out when we go to the store and he sits in the cart, much to Quentin's chagrin.

Albert has finished painting the master bathroom grey.  It looks great!  It's nice to finally put our own touches on it and it feels so much cleaner.  Plus we don't have all those cans of paint sitting in the corner anymore.


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