New Year

Quentin has started to play charades all the time.  For some reason he doesn't want to "use his words" as much so we have to guess what he wants.  He also has been making up words to replace actual words.  I ask him what that means and he will translate it for me.  Sometimes these made-up words sound like swear words.  He doesn't fit in any of his 2T clothes anymore, in fact the pants are about 2 inches too short, which wasn't the case a few months ago.

Wyatt loves eating out of the squeezable packets and he can even hold it and pretty much feed himself.  I make fruit and vegetable mixes and when I'm lazy canned pumpkin and bananas are great.  They both go through them so fast I could make a new mix every-other-day so we bought some more refillable ones. He is such a sweet, happy little guy.  He's so laid back and chill.  Sometimes he will mimic us if I make a low sound he will follow with a low one.  He's pretty vocal and will babble "dada" occasionally.


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