On Saturday we flew to Florida.  Things went pretty smoothly on the flight.  As smooth as they can go with two little boys sitting on a plane for five hours.  Wyatt was a little restless, but Quentin was pretty contented watching videos on the i-Pad and eating large quantities of snacks.  We went straight to our nephew's first birthday party in Orlando from the airport where we met up with the whole family and ate lots of food.  Caleb was born last time we were in town so it was fun to actually get to hold him and hang out with him since he was in the NICU the whole time we were there.

We stayed at Albert's sister's house and slept all in the same room.  It was a little tricky not waking each other up so we utilized our sound machine apps a lot.  No one napped or went to bed even close to on time.  I liked to stay up until about 2 AM chatting.  So we were all pretty exhausted.  

I started to get a little rash before leaving New Mexico and figured it would go away once we were immersed in humidity, but that was no the case.  It now covers my entire body minus my face.  Luckily it has been pretty cool in Florida so I can get away with wearing long sleeves.  I have an appointment scheduled for Monday morning when we are back home.

Quentin loved going to the beach and of course going to Disney World Magic Kingdom.  We were also able to see the manatees and have dinner with my cousin Jake and his family and Albert's friends from high school Kieu and James.  We were busy, busy and spent lots of time with family catching up. (Photos are forthcoming.)

Wyatt has been warming up to all the family. He's ok as long as he can't see me.  Quentin has been loving all the attention and being so busy all the time.  It's been so nice to have Grandma around.  I have changed like two diapers the entire week and she has been feeding Wyatt as well. 


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