Wyatt started to clap this week!  He will usually do it when he gets excited about something.  Sometimes I can get him to say "dada" if I say it a lot, but he reserves "mama" for when he's really upset. He's been moving around a lot and will eat anything.  He always wants to try our food, most isn't really baby friendly.  I gave him some of my ice cream in Florida and now he will beg for it anytime we have it.  He's been getting back on his nightly sleep schedule, but he's still waking up early some days along with his brother.

Quentin is always surprising me with the stuff he says.  I asked him if he wanted to go to Target and he said "I was just thinking about riding the bikes at Target."  Is that what he thinks about :)  He loves to sit on these bikes they have, they are actually still in the box, but that doesn't bother him.  When he's mad at me he tells me I'm gross, which is still offensive even though he's only two.  When he's being sweet, usually after being upset about something and we have comforted him, he likes to kiss our hands like the gentleman that he is.

I had a doctor's appointment on Monday about my rash and I got some cream and it's been going away, VERY slowly.  The doc thinks it was an allergic reaction from some hair dye, but it's pretty extreme.  Luckily it's cold and I can get away with wearing lots of clothes.


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