Getting ready for Christmas

We have been getting ready for Christmas like everyone else.  We've bought way too many clothes from H&M.  I love that they have a website now, my bank account is not so excited though.  Albert has had fun with his new camera, taking lots of pictures of the tree.  

Wyatt started saying "dada" which he says a lot.  He has his one tooth and is still rolling around, not really too mobile.  I constantly find myself saying that he is the cutest baby in the world, a statement I stand by.  He loves to play and cuddle.  He laughs all the time and is very laid back.  He's also a great sleeper.

Quentin is very excited for Christmas and likes to point out things that Santa could bring. He is constantly saying cute things and showing off his great memory.  I have such a terrible memory I can't remember all the cute stuff he says.  I really need to write these things down immediately.

Albert couldn't wait to give me one of my Christmas presents, but I was excited to learn that he bought the Dressing Your Truth course for me.  I sent him an email with the sale price earlier to give him an idea of something I would enjoy receiving and he totally got the hint.  I'm a type 4 with a secondary type 2 if you are into energy profiling and I've really enjoyed learning how to dress my best.  

It's sort of funny because I used to dress more type 4 when I was living in DC and working, but since I've been at home making babies and living in New Mexico I've tried new things, which haven't worked too well in retrospect.  It's nice to have permission to get rid of clothes I never really liked.  Even though I'm still carrying some postpartum weight, I haven't been focusing on it and hardly even think about it anymore. I can wear all those bright colored tights I thought were maybe too bold and I don't have to wear brown, which I never really liked.


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