Coming home

Saturday we hung out with my biological dad, Kalei and his wife in Rock Springs.  It's nice they live so close to my family so we can see everyone at the same time.  We drove to Denver on Sunday and stayed at a hotel we found on Groupon so it was a lot nicer than the other hotels we've stayed at.  We bought a bunch of stuff off of the H&M website for Cyber Monday so we didn't have to go there on Monday.  We met our friends Kim & Joe and their daughter Elizabeth at IKEA for breakfast and then did a little shopping before we drove home.

Wyatt has been pulling himself up from sitting to standing when we hold his hands.  He loves to stand up, but it also great at sitting.  He doesn't really scoot around very much and doesn't roll very far.  He's a very content baby and will sit and play for long periods of time.

Quentin is really great at singing.  He loves to sing to himself while he's supposed to be taking a nap.  Not only does he know all the words to certain songs, he stays with the melody.  He has been regressing on potty training so I've had to be more consistant with the rewards.  My parents brought a bunch of my stuff from when I was a kid a while back and they brought my old gumball machine, complete with decades old gumballs in it.  I cleaned it up and put in M&Ms so Quentin gets a penny whenever he wakes up dry and he gets himself a handful of M&Ms.

Albert and I are almost done listening to "The Hunger Games" on audiobook.  I have been really into audiobooks lately.  It gives me some motivation to do those mundane household tasks while I listen, making things a lot more interesting.  I had to borrow "Divergent" so I would have something to listen to while Albert is at work.  I used to stay away from Young Adult literature since I'm an adult and all, but I've started to embrace it.  At least there isn't any sex and very little cursing in them.

It snowed a lot yesterday and it's been pretty cold so we've been staying in a lot.  I cleaned out my closet to get rid of all the non type 4 clothes.  It looks so much better, plus I have all these new clothes from H&M coming.  Now we just have to clean up Albert's side.  We are in a purging type of mood so we'll see what we have left.


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