Wyatt's squinty face he pulls for the camera, so funny!

We stayed home over Christmas.  Albert got the painting bug and painted the boys' bathroom.  We painted it grey of course and added three giraffe hooks and some art work.  It looks so much cleaner and much cuter. It's much more "us" than the cream.

I decided to make lasagna with bechamel sauce and ragu' for our Christmas Eve dinner after Quentin helped me make my mom's sugar cookie recipe in the morning.  Albert took a half day off so he was in charge of  frosting while I cooked.

On Christmas morning Quentin had fun opening his presents and I was surprised how happy Wyatt was to open his as well.  It was so cute.  I decided to make oatmeal for breakfast since we were having a big dinner and I didn't want to be cooking all day. I also used my new hot chocolate maker I got from my dad and his wife.  It's pretty fun.

I'm thinking about making √Übleskivers for breakfast on New Years Day, which I usually make on Christmas morning.  I made a ham with mashed potatoes and gravy (I'm pretty proud of my new found gravy making skills, something I've always wanted to learn to make), sweet potatoes, and pie.  It turned out good.  I much prefer to make ham over turkey.  It's easy and it always turns out well.

The day after Christmas we went shopping and I bought a bunch of clothes from JCPenney's including some bright pink pants.  The nice thing about doing so much cooking is that we had leftovers for days.

Quentin was acting pretty terrible in the days prior to Christmas, but was happy on Christmas day and after that.  I don't know if he was stressed out about the holidays or what.  He has been great about going potty.  All of a sudden he stopped having accidents. I'm not sure how long it will last, but I'm enjoying it.


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