Licking his first frosting beater

While at the store on Tuesday Quentin kept picking up stuff he wanted and so I told him "nay." He replies back "baa" so I explain that nay means no and he says "baa means yes."  Occasionally he will bring it up again and say "baa" instead of yes.  Crazy kid.  On Wednesday I asked Quentin if he wanted me to scooch him in and he said. "It's 'scoot me in' not scooch".  Hopefully this does become a habit since there are few things more annoying than being corrected all day.

We finally put up some Christmas decorations and set up our nativity from the Philippines.  We went through the story with Quentin as we put up the various pieces.  He has a really great memory and kept bringing up what we talked about during our church Christmas program.

Wyatt's first tooth broke through this week!  You can't see it yet, mostly because he won't let you look at it, but you can definitely feel it.  He's been poking his tongue out on the side of his mouth, which is adorable, as is pretty much everything his does.

Albert got his new camera in the mail this week.  He doesn't have much to look forward to on Christmas morning (besides watching the look on Quentin's face while he opens his presents of course) since he's been buying all of his presents as they come on sale.  So hopefully that means we'll have some pretty great Christmas pictures :)


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