Halloween eve we went to the church for a carnival and trunk-or-treating.  The Young Women were in charge of the carnival and the Beehives had to create a bean bag toss, which Albert made and they decorated. 

Wyatt wore the skeleton outfit we bought for Quentin a couple years ago.  It was tight on Quentin, but loose on Wyatt.  We bought a Superman costume after Halloween last year at Wal-Mart and luckily it fit Quentin perfectly this year.  Of course we hit up Target after Halloween this year and we're all set for next year.

My little superman.

Quentin met up with his little friends and Wyatt woke up and so I had to hold him the whole time.  

This ring toss game was impossible, but the face painting went over well.  The little kids liked our sock toss, probably because they could do it. It was freezing outside so we were quick.  I put Wyatt in the Ergo carrier and put a blanket around him so he kept me warm.  It was a fun night and there was a good turn out.

On Halloween we went to I-Hop for dinner and then stopped by a harvest festival they were having at the park.  They had lots of free stuff.  There was a lot of candy and games, but it was so cold we only went to things with short lines.  We did get a free hot dog and popcorn and Albert picked up an icee although it was way too cold and he ended up tossing it.  They were also offering a free picture so I took Wyatt out of the ergo carrier and took off my jacket for a quick family photo.


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