We found out that Albert has Thanksgiving off last week so we decided to make a quick trip up to Wyoming to celebrate.  I haven't had Thanksgiving with my side of the family since 2003 (ten years!) so I was excited. We spent most of the begining of the week getting ready for our trip and left to Moab, Utah on Wednesday.  Wyatt and Quentin had runny noses and Albert and I hadn't been feeling great either, but we started feeling better once we got there.

On Tuesday afternoon we left for Moab, Utah where we stayed the night and drove the rest of the way on Wednesday.  We stopped in Evanston to visit my Grandma and various other family members, which was fun.  Except for the part where Quentin refused to sit while we ate and hid underneath table and then peed his pants all while I was feeding the baby and trying to eat.  It got better after that.

We had fun hanging out with all my siblings and Quentin loved playing with his cousins.  Wyatt warmed up to everyone and I got lots of breaks.  They didn't sleep much because they were having so much fun, but unlike last time Wyatt slept really well at night.

We did lots of on-line shopping since there isn't that many stores by my parents' house and they had such great deals on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  I bought a haul of clothes from H&M.  We went and saw "Catching Fire" after dinner on Thursday with my mom, sister, and sister's boyfriend while my dad stayed home with our boys.  It was awesome and now we've decided to listen to the trilogy on audiobook.

Friday we met up with my parents at the little mall in Rock Springs and Albert bought a couple suits.  On Saturday we went and saw my biological dad who just moved back to Wyoming.  This was after Albert went fishing with my dad and his friend in the morning (he went duck hunting on Thanksgiving).


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