Quentin wearing the barong tagolog his grandparents brought back from the Philippines

Quentin was so excited for Halloween. We were literally counting down the days. On Wednesday we had our ward carnival/trunk-or-treat activity. The Young Women were in charge of the carnival and each class had to bring a game. Albert mad a bean bag toss game out of a box and the girls decorated it. They did a great job running the game and Quentin had a lot of fun going around playing games and collecting prizes dressed up as Superman, a costume we bough at Wal-Mart on clearance after Halloween last year. Luckily during the last few months he has become really interested in super heroes so he was excited to be Superman. It was super cold on Wednesday and Thursday night so we were really fast at truck-or-treating.  
Albert had the day off on Thursday and so we went to a Harvest Festival at the park in the afternoon after eating at I-HOP for dinner.  It was a lot of fun.  They had tons of free candy and face painting.  They had some games but we opted out of those since it would require us to wait in line and it was far too cold for that.  We did eat the free hot dogs even though we weren't hungry and Albert got a free icee even though it was freezing.  He ended up throwing most of it away because he was too cold to hold it anymore.

We rushed home to hand out candy and Albert took Quentin around our little neighborhood.  It's a great place to go trick-or-treating and his bucket was filled to the brim.

Friday we went through the Halloween clearance at Target and Wal-Mart and we bought a bunch of stuff for next year.  We're all stocked up on costumes and decorations.  I only bought Hershey's kisses because I had a coupon on top of the 50% off.

I've been getting into this Dressing Your Truth book and videos.  I feel a lot better about my postpartum body since I've been trying to dress my type (type four).  I don't have the system, but I have an idea about what I'm supposed to wear and luckily most of clothes I bought in DC qualify as type four.  


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