Quentin grew a ton overnight.  One day he was wearing 18 month pants and the next day he's wearing 3t. I had to get all the 3t clothes out I've been collecting from sales, swaps, and garage sales. He's so funny and such a good helper, most of the time.

He's had another relapse in potty training.  We had to go back to using towels instead of sheets on his bed and bribing him with sweets.  It's starting to get better and he hasn't had any nap or night time accidents for a few days.  This seems to happen every couple weeks.  I'm still glad we potty trained him when we did.  I much prefer cleaning up the occasional pee accident than changing poopy diapers.  Plus I'm convinced he was ready.

Wyatt is moving into 6-12 month clothes.  He's been sitting and rolling, mostly back to front.  He loves to play with his toys and laugh and smile, especially at Albert.  He's been babbling a lot lately, but hasn't said "dada" or "mama" in a long time.  When he cries it's not that loud and he isn't as active as Quentin was although he is getting to be more so. He really likes bananas and has been more willing to eat baby food recently.  We bought some refillable baby food pouches that I'm going to fill up with another batch of baby food soon.

He had a little bit of craddle cap, but it cleared up after we did an olive oil treatment.  No teeth have come up and it doesn't seem like they'll be making an appearance anytime soon.


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