Crystal visits

My friend Crystal came to visit for a few days starting on Saturday.  We met way back in 2000 while I was hanging out with the Chinese students at Snow Collage and we both majored in Economics at Weber State.  I used to take the China Town bus up to New York City to visit her every long weekend I had when I lived in DC before I met Albert.  It was fun to catch up and Albert took Monday off so we could all go up to Santa Fe and then she left early on Tuesday.

Quentin has had another relapse in potty training. He has started peeing the bed, but so far it's been limited to sleeping accidents. Not sure what to do about it.  He seems pretty ambivalent about anything I've tried to do to incentivize him. 

Wyatt is still being a cutie pie. He is such a mama's boy.  He sleeps great and loves to smile and laugh.  I've been trying to feed him more solids.  He isn't really into it, but we can get him to eat it if we do airplane.  I made an apple, sweet potato, and carrot mix in the steamer/rice cooker on Thursday. The best part of feeding him solids is that Quentin decided he loves baby food so I give him some too.  The second best part is that his poo isn't so liquidy and so it's really cut down on blowouts.

Albert's work schedule is changing.  For the time being he will be getting the normal weekends off so we're excited to have him come to church with us on Sunday.  This last week I had to teach with Wyatt in the Ergo carrier so I'm especially excited to have some help during Young Women's.

The whole daylight savings time has really messed up our schedule.  The boys are waking up early and I'm tired all the time.  Ugh.  I know it's only one hour, but I just can't get used to it.

My sister-in-law has inspired me to coupon.  It really is a rush getting good deals and this week I got some good ones.  I got 10 candy bars (including 2 Lindt bars) for free.  In fact they paid me $.11.  I also got a great deal at the Body Shop.  They had their hand creams on sale buy on get one free plus they had a door buster where you push a button on a board and you got an extra deal.  I landed on buy two get two free, plus I had a $10 off a $20 purchase.  The creams are regularly $20 so I bought four for only $10, that's only $2.50 each.  I went back and bought four body lotions for $12 because I got the same buy two get two free deal and used the coupon again.


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