A shop-a-holic's best friend

I have been into couponing more and following a few deal sites on Facebook.  This has lead me to other interesting sites where you can save or earn extra money.

You can look up coupon and ad matchups on Cuckoo for Coupon Deals or other deal sites.  They list the best deals on the ads at various grocery and drug stores and then suggest coupons (many that you can print out) to use in combination with the ad deals so you get a great deal.  I'm new to all this so sometimes I don't know what's a good deal so it's helpful to have someone who know's what they're doing give their opinion otherwise I'd buy a bunch of stuff just because it's on sale.

I was able to snag these ten candy bars for free.  In fact they took $.11 off my grocery bill to take them away.  They were on sale plus I had two buy 2 get 1 free coupons, two $2 of coupons, and one buy 1 get 1 free coupon.

My favorite FB deal sites:

Money Maker Sites:

ibotta. My sister-in-law told me about the ibotta app. If you buy the specific items from specific stores you can get even more money. Combine that with a sale and a manufacturer coupon and you have an even better deal!

I found a manufacturer coupon for $2 one gallon of milk with the purchase of three Kellogg's cereal. The cereal was on sale at Smith's for $1.99 each and the milk was on sale for 2/$3.88, something I was going to buy anyway.  Then I got another $.75 off of milk on my iBotta app. I spent $7.10 for three cereals and two gallons of milk, or $1.42 for each item.

I don't have enough to cash out yet, you have to have $5 minimum to have it sent to your Pay Pal account. You can also trade it in for a Starbucks, RedBox, or iTunes gift cards.  

Viggle.  Since we watch a lot of tv (not much to do when you're stuck at home all evening) we like to Viggle.  The app listens to your tv to determine what show you're watching and you get points for each minute of tv watched. You can get extra points for checking into certain shows (mostly during prime time) and you can exchange your points for gift cards or certain items.  We have enough points to get a Redbox movie every week for two years.

MySurvey.  With this website you take surveys and get points which you can exchange for gift cards.  I took a survey about baby wipes and they are going to send me two weeks worth of baby wipes to use and then I will take another survey about how it went.  Most of the surveys I've taken haven't led to anything since I don't chew gum a lot or drink alcohol, but you will find one that fits you and maybe get some free items on top of the points that you can cash in for gift cards.

Top CashBack. If you buy things online from certain merchants you can get cash sent to your Pay Pal account.  Most of the deals are a percentage of how much you spend, (we got an extra 5% cash back from buying a hotel Groupon for a trip), but some are a specific dollar amount.  I bought a $20 Groupon for $10 for the Body Shop and will get $10 back.  With that Groupon I was able to buy two body butters (regularly $20 each) for $.70.  They were 50% off and then I used the $20 Groupon so I only paid for tax.  I will get the $10 I paid for the Groupon back in a couple months.


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