Wyatt's Half Birthday

I can't believe that Wyatt is already six months old!  These last six months have flown by.  Wyatt is such a wonderful addition to our family.  He's an easy going baby and will play on his play mat, on the floor, or in his pack n play for a half hour.  He is liking his jumperoo more and more, but doesn't like to sit in it for too long.  In the evenings he likes to be held a lot which makes cooking and eating difficult.  He's a bit of a momma's boy and will cry if he sees Mom, but smiles and laughs whenever he sees Dad.  He loves to watch Quentin and play with his toys, much to his brother's chagrin.  

Wyatt is a pretty good sleeper.  He doesn't always like to go down for a nap and when he does he doesn't usually sleep for very long.  He wakes up once about once a night, sometimes more, which isn't not bad for a 12 hour period.  He rolls over occasionally and is a great scooter.  He is very vocal, especially during church when everyone is being quiet. 


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