The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2013

We got up early to go down to the Balloon Fiesta on Sunday, October 6, but we still ran into a lot of traffic and got there at just about 7:00 AM when all the balloons were lifting off.  I'd recommend leaving a half hour earlier than you think you need to so you're not rushing and getting worried you're going to miss all the good stuff.  

I had heard that it was really impressive seeing the balloons up close (not just from our backyard) and it definitely was.  We were able to see the balloons being blown up with big fans and then lift off and float over our heads.  Even though Albert won tickets for parking and entrance from work so we didn't have to pay for anything, I think it's worth the money at least once in your life.  I wouldn't mind going every year, hopefully we'll win them again in two years since they have a lot of tickets they give out and they don't let you win two years in a row. 

It was pretty chilly so I kept Wyatt in his car seat until he couldn't stand it anymore.  At that point I was really wishing I had brought the Ergo Carrier.  Next time. A nice family took our picture for us.  I thought they had included the stroller with the car seat, but apparently not.

I really like Spidey Pig and Smokey Bear.  My grandma used to work for the Forest Service and she always had lots of Smokey Bear paraphernalia she would give us.  The guy in black and white is a zebra or launch director. 

The humming bird and Darth Vader are pretty cool.

They have a cute family of bees and Elvis too.  Gotta love the shape balloons.  By the time we left around 10:00 AM we were starving and made a big breakfast while we watched General Conference.


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