Jeff Comes to Visit

Our friend Jeff who introduced us visited us for a couple days on his way to Utah.  On Thursday we went with Jeff to meet up with his friends from Florida who live in Albuquerque.  After lunch at Panera we hung out at the mall.  Quentin had a blast with their son Bobby and Jeff paid for them to ride the carousel.  There is only one Godiva in the state of New Mexico so whenever go to the kiosk in this particular mall we pick up our monthly free chocolate.  When Albert got his, they gave him a $10 off coupon for his birthday so we bought two delicious shakes for $2.

On Friday morning we dropped the kids off at my friend Nicole's and went to the temple.  It was packed and took a lot longer than expected, but it was well worth it.  I learned a lot and the boys were fine.  I did get a little choked up when I dropped Wyatt off since it was his first time at a babysitter.

Albert's parents recently returned from a long trip to Hawaii and the Philippines and sent us a box full of shirts and treats, including chocolate macadamia nuts! They also sent a dress made of pineapple fibers for me and a barong tagalog for Quentin, which is a traditional shirt also made of pineapple fibers.

Quentin has been doing great going potty. He likes to announce that he's dry after a nap or in the morning.  He's also been telling us that we forgot something.  If we don't get him whatever he asked for quickly enough he'll remind us by saying "you forgot..."

We bought Quentin a helmet and it took him a while to get used to the idea, but now he loves it.  He also likes pasta with tomato sauce, which is something he would never try before.

Wyatt loves to play and bounce and tickle.  I love it after he gets his belly full of milk and he gives me the cutest grin.  He loves to smile at Albert especially.  Albert won't even be looking at him and he'll be staring at his daddy smiling.  He is the cutest thing and I am totally obsessed.  Also he now sleeps on his belly for 12 hours a night.


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