Fall is in the Air

Quentin has been doing really great with going to the potty.  He hasn't had an accident all week during the day and the last three nights.  We've found that if we take him potty right before we go to bed and then again at 5:00 AM he can make it through the night. It's too early to call, but we're getting closer.

Wyatt has been sleeping great since I started letting him cry.  He started waking up right after I just fed him on Tuesday night so I just let him put himself back to sleep.  After that night he slept great.  Occasionally he'll wake up for a second but goes right back to sleep.  It's been wonderful.

Wyatt had his first food on Saturday and really liked the rice cereal, but I haven't got him on a regular eating schedule and the three other times I fed him rice cereal, sweet potatoes, and pears he wasn't really into it.  Luckily Quentin is intrigued by baby food and ate some it.  It may have been a bad time, maybe he wasn't very hungry, I'm not sure.  We bought Quentin a new booster seat so we can start putting Wyatt in the high chair once we get it cleaned out.

Tuesday the government closed and so now Albert is working without pay.  He'll get his money whenever it re-opens and hopefully it's not too long from now.  He did some research on the last time this happened in 1995 or so and everyone got paid, even those who didn't work, and it lasted 22 days because at some agencies employees not working are automatically considered laid off at that point.  It would be nice if he could stay home if he was going to get paid at the same time as those who aren't working, but at least the government doesn't have any excuse not to pay him just in case they aren't feeling generous.

I've been getting into couponing more.  My sister-in-law has been getting some incredible deals and let me in on a little lesser-known deal that was going on with Target's mobile coupons this week.  They had a bogo free coupon for jewelry.  Generally with these types of coupons the free one is the less expensive item, but for whatever reason with this coupon it was the more expensive item.  So on Thursday we went to Target and I bought a couple pairs of cz sterling silver earrings that were on clearance for $6, regularly $20, and a $49.99 watch was free!  

It's gotten a little chilly so we didn't go on our weekly bike ride.  Plus I dropped a frozen roast on my foot on Wednesday and it was terribly bruised and so I didn't really feel like going.


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