Balloon Fiesta

Albert won tickets to the Balloon Fiesta from work so we went early Sunday morning.  It was pretty cool and I can see why people go every year.  There's a good chance that he could win tickets again in two years since about half of the people get to go and if you win one year you aren't able to win the next year.  Albert ended up taking the day off and I took a really long nap.  We're still making up for all the General Conference we ended up missing.  

Wyatt started sitting up on his own this week.  Sometimes he does it longer than other times and he falls back a lot and then cries. He still occasionally rolls over, but it's generally on accident while he's sleeping.  It's so pitiful to watch him on the monitor struggling to get back over like a turtle on it's back or something.  So being the nice mom I am I go in and turn him over.  Of course he insists on eating before he'll go back to sleep.  Sometimes he'll just fall back asleep before I get to him and he usually sleeps really well on his belly when that happens.  

Wyatt has been sleeping great at night, but is still not so great with naps, especially his afternoon nap.  He hasn't been eating solids that well. I haven't been very consistent either so there's room for improvement.He's not super cuddly and  loves to play and laugh with Dad and sometimes even Mom and Quentin.  He loves to make this zombie, guttural, "ahhh" sound and will make a purring "gheee" sound when he's happy.  He's a pretty chatty little guy.  He's starting to move up to 6-12 month clothing.  He's one of those rare babies that actually fit into the size they're supposed to.

Quentin was doing so great with potty training I put his sheets back on his bed.  He then had a bit of a set back and started wetting the bed at night and also having random accidents during the day.  Very disheartening.  We've been working on it again this week and we've had a couple dry nights and he's doing a lot better during the day.  It's like every 10 days he has to start over again.  Sigh...

This Wednesday I helped put together a big missionary activity for Young Women's.  It was a combined activity with the Young Men and took a lot of planning and printing.  It went well and I am so relieved to have it over with it.  I also presented a 15 minute presentation on my mission in Italy.  It was fun preparing and going through all my missionary stuff.

It's cooled down a bit and it's nice to get out my boots and long-sleeved clothes.  I'm still obsessed with the "Child Whisperer" and have watched all the free videos on "Dressing Your Truth."  Albert is definitely a Type 4 and I'm pretty sure Wyatt and I are too.  


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