Six months

After all the accidents last Tuesday I was seriously rethinking my decision to potty train Quentin. Luckily it just took a little bribery and he was back on track. By the weekend he started to tell me when he needed to go, something I was afraid wouldn't happen for a very long time. I only mentioned going potty before we went somewhere or it was bath or bed time and he stopped giving me such a hard time about it. Not sure what changed, but boy am I glad it did. He even went into nursery on Sunday without and tears.  He didn't have any daytime accidents from last Tuesday until Thursday (nine days) when he peed on the stairs during time-out and on Friday when he wasn't fast enough in getting his pants down. 

He hasn't had any nap accidents since Wednesday last week, although he still has accidents at night even though Albert has been taking him to the potty every night before we go to bed. Hopefully that doesn't last too much longer because I'm getting tired of cleaning his bedding every night and his room smelling liked urine all the time. I was able to bribe him into staying dry Tuesday night, but it hasn't worked again so I'm not sure when that's going to end.

On Monday Quentin came up to me with a hot air balloon calendar and said pointing to the word "ballooning", "it's got two "o"s on it". I was so surprised that he would know an  "o" is and that there were two. I had him point them out to me to make sure it wasn't just a lucky guess. It wasn't. He said he learned it from "Super Why". 

I was able to borrow "The Child Whisperer" from Amazon Prime on my Kindle for free.  I'm convinced that Quentin is Type 2 or sensitive so I was reading the profile for that one and realized that I am also a Type 2.  It was me to a T.  I'm pretty sure that Albert is also a Type 2.  I'm getting a little obsessed with this profiling system and I try to guess what type everyone is.

Wyatt turned six months on Thursday.  I can't believe he is already a half a year old!  His personality is so different than Quentin's.  It's fun to get to know him and see him grow.  These next six months will be full of all sorts of changes as he starts to roll more, sit, crawl, stand, and then eventually walk and talk.

We went on our weekly bike ride on Friday and stopped by a new sushi restaurant on our way home.  It was pretty good, I don't know if we'll go back or not. We'll see about checking out the BBQ place next time.  We also got out our fall decorations and put those up so we're all ready for Halloween now.


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