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Potty training went really well on Sunday.  I was pretty worried that he would have a bunch of accidents at church and I ended up bringing a couple extra outfits just in case.  Luckily I didn't have to teach so I was able to go and take him to the potty every half hour.  He usually loves going to nursery, but this time he didn't want me to leave.

After church we went to our friend Nicole's house for dinner and he did great.  He used their kiddy potty and didn't have any accidents.  He had about one accident per day, sometimes more and always during naps and at night.  I get a little burnt out some days and so does Quentin, but bribery/incentives/rewards seem to help.

At zumba a little girl around four years old kept coming over to Wyatt and was playing with him.  I kept an eye on her, but they seemed ok.  She finally left him alone, but then she came back and was trying to undo his seat belt.  I started to walk over to stop her and then I saw her take his car seat cover and put it over his face and press down with her whole body.  I just about freaked out.  Luckily I was paying attention. I took the boys home after that.  I decided that I won't let any kid touch him anymore.

We've started to go on family bike rides on Albert's days off.  Albert takes the boys behind him in the bike trailer and I ride along with them.  We just drove to Smith's and picked up a movie from Redbox.  On our way back we noticed that they have special take out deals at a restaurant really close to our house so we picked up some food the next day.

On Thursday we found a Japanese steakhouse, hoping to replace our favorite one in Virginia where we used to go all the time.  The steakhouses here are a lot cheaper, but the fried rice wasn't as good because they didn't have yummy sauce.  We did like the way they made the meat and we bought fried ice cream as a special treat and Quentin LOVED that.  He was so excited.

Our church playgroup as started a babysitting co-op and I'm hoping to be able to take advantage by getting a babysitter for the boys next month so Albert and I can go to the temple.  I want to make it a monthly thing. I'm hoping next month Quentin will be potty trained and Wyatt will be eating solids so he'll be able to last three hours.

Wyatt likes to look at the pictures of him and Quentin.  He always smiles when he sees them.  He sometimes rolls over, but it isn't a consistent thing.  He had a little bit of cradle cap, but I haven't see it since I combed his hair after I washed it.

We decided to get life insurance so we've been doing a bunch of research.  We decided to go with our go-to financial adviser, Suze Orman.  She says that you should only get term life insurance until your kids are grown and contact Select Quote.  We're hoping to have our finances set-up so that we won't need any life insurance by the time this runs out.  Mostly you don't want to leave your kids or spouse without financial support while your kids are young, but once they are grown you just need enough money to cover your expenses and if you have any extra savings they can have that. They recommend having your house paid off early so you don't have any debt, I say you need it paid off by the time your life insurance runs out.


kimi + joe said…
Um, Zumba girl would freak me out. So thankful you were paying attention. Did her mom notice or talk to her afterward about behavior?
Tiff said…
Her mom wasn't even there. I saw her afterwards with the zumba instructor who is friends with the girl's mom so I think she just brought her, but no one was watching her. She came over again last week and I told her to leave the baby alone.

I love going to zumba and that I can bring my kids, but so many of the ladies totally ignore their kids the whole time. I've broken up a fight and I almost hit a kid with our car in the parking lot when he was running around by himself while everyone was leaving. It drives me crazy.

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