I love you

Quentin's potty training seems to have plateaued.  He is still having one accident a day.  Every few days he gets burnt out and refuses to go on the potty, but it seems to help if I give him an M&M every time he goes. Fortunately we haven't had any accidents while we're out and he's been good about going on different toilets, even big ones.  He also hasn't had any problems pooping on the potty which I hear can be a big problem for some kids.  He has had a couple of accident free naps, but it's not a regular thing.  Albert takes him to the bathroom before we go to bed most nights, but he still wakes up pretty wet.  I'm getting tired of all the laundry.  

He did have another poop disaster this week.  I went to get him from his nap and it was everywhere, again.  We can't put him in onsies anymore and it doesn't really matter if he has underwear or diapers.

Quentin is still expanding his food choices.  I don't worry about how much he eats at all.  I give him a varity of food and then he eats what he wants.  We do try and get him to try new things, at least smell or lick it.  He always asks for everything in threes.  He wants three cookies or three bike rides and everyday is Tuesday, except for when it's actually Tuesday, then he says it's Sunday.

Quentin really stole my heart when he told me he loved me one night when I went in to put him to bed and then told me that I was beautiful at church.  When your children tell you they love you, completely unprompted, the feeling of warmth and happiness is only comparable to that of the love of your life telling you he loves you, or at least it was in my case.

Wyatt has been grabbing at everything.  He always wants to be held especially during dinner so then he spends the entire time reaching for my food.  Occasionally he gets a handful.  He loves to screech an babble all the time.  Right after he finishes eating he always looks up at me and gives me the best smile.  He is so cute when he's happy and talking.  I love it.  He also likes to take baths and kick in the tub.

On Thursday it was overcast and cool so we figured we'd go for a short bike ride to Smith's.  It ended up raining pretty hard so took a little break by Big Lots and K-Mart.  I can only imagine what people were thinking, seeing us bike around in the rain with our two babies.  The kids were fine in the trailer, they didn't get wet at all, but we sure did.


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