Quentin has been doing great going to the potty and not having any accidents at church and this week was no exception.  He cried for a good minute again when I left him at nursery though.  It must be some sort of reaction to potty training because before he was shoving us out and telling us to go away.  

I came across a diagram from the "Child Whisperer" that categorized children's personalities and I determined that Quentin is a sensitive child.  Knowing this has been helpful.  I am a little more understanding and when he cries over something small I just think "he's sensitive."  It's a lot easier to see what Quentin's personality is now that I can contrast it with Wyatt's.  Wyatt is definitely different.  He doesn't ever cry when people comment on how cute he is like Quentin did when he was little and still does sometimes.  I'm thinking he's probably either determined or fun-loving.

Tuesday was a bad morning for potty training and he had three accidents before 9:00 AM so we didn't get to go to Toddler Time at the library.  Staying home wasn't really helping so I upped the rewards and bribed him to go potty with M&Ms.  He did great for the rest of the day and didn't have anymore awake time accidents for the rest of the week! He was even dry after his naps on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday and Friday we went on family bike rides.  Thursday's bike ride was pretty long.  We rode to the park for playgroup and then picked up a movie at Wal-Greens.  We found out you can get a free dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme if you dress up as a pirate, so we drove over there after we threw an eye patch on Quentin. He went to sleep as soon as his head hit the pillow for his nap and slept for three hours that afternoon.  

Friday we road our bikes to a local Indian/Nepali restaurant.  It had really good reviews so we had their buffet.  It was nice because we could sit by the window and watch our bikes :)  The food was good too, it was fun to eat something different.  Quentin even ate some chicken.  We've been branching out from the chain restaurants which is fun.

Albert and I have also been working a lot on getting our finances in order.  We used to have a budget and save a bunch of money before we had kids and I quit my job.  Now that we have more stability and income we feel like it's time to really get down to business and get planning for the future.  We're a lot more organized now and hopefully we can be somewhat prepared when our kids go off to college and we retire.  I wish I was a finance expert.  It can all be pretty complicated.  I really wish interest rates were higher.

Quentin loves to look at the photo books I have made him including the one with all my pregnancy photos, which sort of surprised me, (my mother-in-law also really likes that book), so I made one for Wyatt when I got a free Shutterfly book.  It came in this week and looks pretty good.  I'll have to get started on the first year one for Wyatt and Quentin's third year book because they take me forever to do.


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