Denver with Kim + Elizabeth

On our way back to New Mexico from Wyoming we went stopped in Denver Colorado. Our good friends can and Joe are living in Denver and we planned to meet them for dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, Maggiano's, as soon as we rolled into town.

Unfortunately Joe had to go to meeting and couldn't have dinner with us but we had a good time with Kim and Elizabeth who is only a couple months younger than Quentin. After dinner we went to the mall and visited our favorite clothing store that's not in Albuquerque, H&M. We loaded up on clothes for Quentin and a few for ourselves while Quentin played with Elizabeth at the play area. 

Wyatt and Quentin both slept really great in the hotel and the next morning Quentin and Albert went swimming while Wyatt slept until 9:00 AM. We went to IKEA for breakfast and Elizabeth and Kim met us there a little later. Quentin loved the bacon and French toast and I enjoyed the Swedish pancakes. He was so happy with the food he just sat there smiling for like five minutes after eating.

Kim watched Quentin and Elizabeth while they played in the kids area and Albert and I went shopping. We bought a new rug and a little circus tent for Quentin among many other things. I had never seen Quentin play so well with anyone as he did with Elizabeth and he still talks about her all the time. Hopefully it won't be too long before they'll be able to play together again.

photos by Kim (thanks Kim!)


kimi + joe said…
It was a great visit, albeit too short. Come back soon! I loved how naturally Q and E played, it warmed my heart.

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