Trip to Wyoming

Quentin trying to get out of his Barbie life preserver while fishing

Wyatt had been having problems sleeping and I was hoping that all the napping while we were driving would help remedy the situation.  Unfortunately that didn't do the trick because I was up all night with him every night beginning our first night in the motel in Moab until the second to last night when Albert downloaded a noise machine app on his i-pad and he slept great every night after that even after we got home.

On August 17 Albert went fishing with my dad, brother, and my dad's friend while my mom, the boys, and I went to some garage sales.  I was able to see a bunch of people I knew and we got some great deals on toys, clothes, and a baby food maker for the boys.

Quentin loved hanging out with his cousins and swam in my parents little plastic pool and rode on their little kid roller coaster. My brother and his wife took him with them to see horses that some friends own and he was able to ride one! Unfortunately we didn't get a picture since we weren't there. On Monday our little family went fishing with my brother and his son, but we didn't catch anything.

Albert and I went out on a date at a steak restaurant while my parents watched the boys on August 19.  It was so nice to eat without worrying about Quentin climbing around and having to nurse Wyatt.  Quentin ate at my brother's house with my parents and they said he ate spaghetti with meat sauce and was an angel.  Other than that time he was pretty terrible about eating and would throw a fit at dinner.

On Tuesday, August 20 we drove to Laramie where we met my brother Luke for lunch.  He is going to school at the University of Wyoming so it was nice to see him for a little bit.  We then drove to Denver and ate dinner at Maggiano's with our friend Kim, unfortunately her husband Joe wasn't able to make it, but Quentin had a blast playing with their daughter Elizabeth who is only a couple months younger than him.  After dinner we went to H&M and bought a bunch of clothes for Quentin while he played with Elizabeth at the play place.

The next morning we met Kim and Elizabeth at IKEA after we had a yummy breakfast there.  Quentin was in heaven, eating all those French toast sticks and bacon.  If we lived by an IKEA we'd be there all the time.  Quentin loved playing with Elizabeth.  I have never seen him play so well with anyone and he still talks about her all the time.

Wyatt has been growing and has rolled front to back and has been really growning.  He's getting pretty chubby :)


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